Defining a trade arm of the Express brand

A brochure inside spread by Born + Raised for Express for Trade.

Express has grown continuously as a brand since our partnership began. Despite having developed its interior offering with Express in the Home, the business was still working with trade customers in the same channels as the general public. And all its products were offered on a supply-only basis.

This was becoming problematic and counterproductive. So Express approached us with an idea – the development of a trade arm of the brand. And just like that, we set out to shed some light on a well-rounded, trade-specific proposition.

Fit to trade

We created Express for Trade, a separate branch of the brand exclusively for trade, to expand Express’ offering.

Throughout the development of the creative, one fundamental objective was to build brand awareness and increase loyalty with new and existing trade partners. With that in mind, we developed separate journeys for different groups in the target audience – builders, installers and architects.

Dividing the target audience into groups allowed us to deliver tailored messaging, and tailored benefits which included personalised websites and brochures.

Offering installers the chance to partner with Express to install the brand’s products now means potentially quicker install time for customers, and gives Express the ability to take on more projects.

Express for Trade doesn’t just give trade customers better lead times and a separate channel, it also gives Express a platform to forge lasting relationships with like-minded businesses.