Gamification could be your best move yet – ask SITA

A retro game screen for the Born + Raised gamification blog post.

Go on, admit it. We’ve all done it. Outmanoeuvred other shoppers to join a faster moving checkout queue. Switched lanes in a traffic jam to gain a single car space. As a species, we’re a competitive bunch who seem hardwired to play games.

By leveraging some features of games you can tap into users’ most basic motivations like status, achievement and reward. As a result, gamification can be an immensely powerful tool to engage people, change behaviours, develop skills or solve problems.

So when a market-leading bathroom brand asked us to deliver their upcoming sales incentive campaign, we knew gamification had the potential to be successful. Within the first month they were smashing targets and soon after customers were reaching their sales goals in half the allocated time.

The campaign invited customers to take part in a simple nine month sales ‘race’. Reach the finishing line by hitting your sales target by the end of the year and you would be jetting off on a luxury holiday.

Gamification can also harness the power of game thinking and design to promote learning

SITA, the world’s leading air transport IT and communications specialist, used gamification as a means to unite, motivate and incentivise a 500 strong sales team, based in a variety of scattered locations around the world. The objective was to deepen their engagement in the wide range of learning tools available through their online sales training program.

Each time a participant undertook a particular task on the site, the SITA Sales Marathon awarded them virtual steps towards a range of destinations.

To sustain the Sales Marathon across 12 months, ongoing interest and involvement were stimulated by a program of instant quizzes and a changing array of must have prizes. The Sales Marathon promotion increased engagement by 55%, and a majority of employees were keen for the scheme to continue the following year.

Gamification doesn’t just benefit and motivate customers and fellow workers

Being delivered on a digital platform means it also provides a wide range of opportunities to measure campaign effectiveness in terms of visitors, sessions, page views and so on. Which is great news for marketers who need to demonstrate clearly measurable results from every penny of their spend. These metrics, combined with user feedback, can also be used to fine tune, extend and improve the gamification while it’s still in progress to ensure even greater effectiveness.

The element of playful competitiveness that gamification provides allows us to compare scores, experience feelings of participation within a community, and foster a sense of progress and achievement. Still doubt the potency of gamification? Consider eBay. The website is a huge gamified environment that turns the buying process into a competition, with winners, losers, improved seller statuses, badges and feedback scores.

Most of us love nothing better than the chance to pit ourselves against others, see how we compare, and work out strategies to win. So, if you’re casting around for innovative ways to influence customers and boost sales or promote the engagement of sales personnel in product learning look no further than gamification.

Why not challenge us to see if gamification can be used to tackle your next marketing assignment?