Good times with Glenton Holidays

Glenton LOGO

Out with the old timers

Some brands are happy to own their little corner of the market. Some stop at being fairly well known. A few have big ambitions. They’re the ones we like. Glenton offered Scottish coach holidays for an older audience. The brand wanted to expand its territory into water and air, and become ‘the SAGA of the north’.

In with the big timers

After we’d cleared up the brand hierarchy and revisited the logo, we took a long hard look at the target audience. All the marketing that dropped through the letterboxes of the grey audience was vanilla. We wanted to serve up a dose of excitement with their afternoon brew.

This was the generation that invented rock n roll. A generation full of life then and now. We stopped talking to tired stock images of doily-laden nanas and started talking to the Mick Jaggers – the rockers who had grown old but not grown up. These were people with no kids, and buckets of time who had cash in the bank to do all the things they’d always wanted to do. Suddenly we had a vibrant brand full of energy, and one that really stood out in the grey market.

The time of your life

The launch saw the rebrand rolled out extensively across print and digital. The new vibrancy completely overhauled Glenton’s image, stood out in a tired market and transformed them into serious players. Satisfaction all round.

From your ‘big timers’ insight to the ‘time of your life’ proposition, you delivered a brand truly befitting of our organisation.

Steve Turbill
Commercial Director