On the money – getting it right for the super wealthy

HSBC’s Global Private Banking team help exceptionally high net worth individuals to manage their family wealth via a wide range of products and services. Typically sitting on considerable assets, this elite group has the funds to live lifestyles that afford them the very best of everything.

Yet despite all that, HSBC’s customer facing literature and sales materials had evolved over a considerable period of time. Not only had they lost focus but they didn’t reflect the new Private Banking proposition.

It’s only money… isn’t it…?

We knew the key to getting it right was to understand how these UHNWI (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals) think. Customer research demonstrated that although they may be confident experts in their own world, they have very different levels of knowledge and confidence when it comes to investments. It’s a world beyond their world. A world through which HSBC’s Private Banking teams are perfectly equipped to guide them.

The research was also showing that for this unique group, wealth can mean a wide variety of different things. From an outward expression of their success to a worry and burden. Equally, for some, wealth is simply something to be conserved and managed on behalf of future generations.

A crash course in investment

We worked hand in glove with the Private Banking team, who gave us a crash course on the finer points of their investment approach and provided in-depth guidance on tone, as well as translating the more arcane financial jargon.

In addition to the insights we’d gained from the research, we knew our audience are busy people, so it was important to keep the copy short, readable and informative without dumbing it down too much for those who do have some financial knowledge.

Armed with this, we took the heavy-duty raw information from their existing literature, extracted the salient points and turned it into accessible, refreshed copy and gave the design a clean, upmarket, consistent look and feel. The result was a suite of clear, clean, cohesive looking materials that look the part and walk the talk.