Taking SITA for a walk in the park

A screen shot from the IT Summit video created by creative agency Born + Raised for SITA.

By definition a walk in the park is an easy, enjoyable task. It’s done on a whim. No effort required. We thought making a video based on the idiom would be easy. The British weather and unassembled airport benches had other plans.

Setting out a new path

Each year SITA hosts the IT Summit – a must-attend event for every tech-savvy person working in the Air Transport Industry.

When SITA asked us to create a video to capture the essence of the event’s theme – smarter at every step – we knew we’d have our work cut out. Why? Because the 500 people who attend are the people who make the industry smarter. They’re the driving force behind the implementation of technology into the air travel industry.

No pressure then.

We got the whole team involved to shape the concept – something that happens regularly here. We love getting different minds in the same room and watching the ideas unfold.

Once we had the concept nailed down, our head of copy, Steve, wrote a script that took all the complexities of ATI technology and innovation and explained them in a wonderfully simple and inspiring manner. He’s good like that.

Into the wild

Then we teamed up with Powerhouse to find the perfect locations and bring the video to life. After a nervous few weeks eyeballing the unpredictable British weather, and even briefly considering an overseas shoot, we finally got out on location and got the footage we needed.

Field notes

Arthur Calderwood, SVP Sales & Marketing said, “It was excellent, and very different, and that it has longevity well beyond this event, congratulations!”

While Brid Vaughan, Director of Corporate Image, said, “It sets the tone for the entire event and has the ability to significantly impact. I’m absolutely delighted to report that it was loved! The event is huge for us and we could not deliver it to such exacting standards without the tremendous support we get from everyone at Born + Raised.”