Starting conversations for SITA

Back in 1996, Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, declared “content is king”. History certainly proved him right. What he didn’t predict was how undifferentiated and similar sounding it was to become in many sectors.

SITA were looking to create a series of videos that would be flexible and engaging enough to position them as thought leaders and innovators in the air transport sector.  With a list of topics that included the role of AI in the sector, platforms that aid collaboration and efficiency, and SITA’s vision of the passenger journey of the future, there was certainly plenty of good content to go at.

Escape the corporate video straitjacket

However, we quickly realised that simply sticking to the tried and tested talking heads interview approach to video simply wouldn’t deliver the stand-out they were looking for.

Instead, we decided to break the mould. In contrast to the big corporate videos of competitors, we rethought the format and opted to create video content with a much more conversational, informal style. Not only did this show SITA’s less corporate, more relaxed ethos but it also ensured that participants felt more comfortable and relaxed in front of camera. We also chose a deliberate mix of seniority levels within the company so that in some cases a graduate or intern was questioning a senior Vice President or a Director. In keeping with this approach, locations were carefully selected to enhance the relaxed, informal feel and included a coffee shop, outdoor seating area and recreational spaces.

Engaging, chilled out content

The result was a series of engaging informal conversations, which clearly showcased the quality of SITA’s people and their firm grasp of the topics. The format allowed them to share their thoughts and views in an interesting and conversational way and avoided sounding like a series of pre-approved official soundbites.