Taking lockdown one step at a time

COVID has transformed our lives in many mind-boggling ways over the last 4 months. But here at Born + Raised we decided to do something positive to keep our staff moving, with the return of our pedometer challenge.

A bunch of us stepped up to the challenge to keep fit and record our steps over 13 weeks – 100 days.

As our Wellbeing Officer and Mental Health First Aider, I wanted to encourage everyone to look after themselves and keep fit, while making sure the Born + Raised team spirit was still going strong.

I sent regular messages and videos to our team whilst out on walks or bike rides, no matter the weather. In one of my first outings, I was treated to some classic British weather – stunning sunshine followed by hail and snow and back to sunshine again. You can’t beat it.

The pedometer challenge has kept me motivated, healthy and ensured that I got out as often as possible to enjoy the fresh air, improve my stamina and encourage the children out, too. It has really made a difference to me mentally during lockdown. I have discovered all sorts of new places, walks and hidden gems on my doorstep, something that would not have happened before.

Harriet remained at the top of the board throughout with Stephen and I battling it out for 2nd and 3rd place. But, right at the very end, (somehow) I managed to stride ahead to 1st place with over 1,000,000 steps in those 100 days. Now that I did not expect!

Well done to each and every one of us who took part, keeping physically and mentally fit and allowing us to discover new places.

‘During these very strange times, walking has kept me mentally and physically fit.  I watched spring arrive in the woods, turn into summer and I think, this last week, autumn. Loved it.’ Carol

‘We certainly have seen the seasons come and go, I started off running through the small green crops of the rape seed fields, through the tall, bright yellow flowers and now the drying seeds not far off harvest! It’s been a crazy time but getting outside has certainly saved the day (and the kids)!’ Yvette

‘The pedometer challenge has given me the prompt I needed to get out the house every day during lockdown, even if it was just for a quick stroll around the block. It’s also led me to explore parts of my local area and discover some hidden gems just on my doorstep.’ Kirsty

‘Despite living on the doorstep of the Rivelin Valley, we had never really explored it. Having more leisure time as a result of not having to do the daily commute allowed us to explore the beautiful area and to get our steps in’. Stephen