UK Finance: Taking a brand from foundations to industry custodian

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It’s amazing to look back and realise how much a conversation can change everything.

When we first met UK Finance, the trade association for the UK banking and finance sector, the organisation was looking for an agency to provide a website which catered for its growing audience and helped reach commercial targets attached to membership and events.

We picked apart the brief and realised it was missing a key insight – simply giving the association a new website wouldn’t solve UK Finance’s challenges. Firstly, UK Finance needed a bolstered brand that resonated with its key audiences.

This challenging thinking approach and our attention to detail led to UK Finance selecting us for the project.


Always start with strategy

The first step in a major undertaking like this is to set our strategy team on it.

To bring a more cohesive and extensive experience to the brand, we held six internal workshops to find out what UK Finance did well and what they liked about their business.

Along with six external member interviews and the results of a web survey, this information became the yardstick to measure our work against to make sure it captured the essence of the organisation.

All these elements were then used to form the association’s internal proposition, its purpose statement, tone of voice and key messages. Once our copy team had finalised their work, it gave us the foundations on which to build the visual elements of the organisation’s brand.

Refreshing the identity

Building on the existing UK Finance brand, our job was to evolve the visual identity, making it ownable, future proof and usable across multiple applications.

The design team identified some small tweaks that could make a big difference. We increased the weighting across all the logo elements, enhanced the contrast between the brand colours, integrated the brand font into the logo and introduced secondary logo layouts to make sure the logo could be housed anywhere.

The digital integration challenge

A sizable challenge when six organisations come together is joining up their online presence. Not only did each have its own website, but sub and satellite sites as well. We undertook a content audit which went on to inform the new site structure and different user journeys.

The UK Finance website is heavily geared towards categorised content, so each user can quickly extrapolate the details they need from the mass of available information. We did this using traditional methods such as categorised feeds, filtered lists and intuitive site search functions.

Custodians of industry

Now UK Finance has a brand book and brand guidelines to make sure everyone within the organisation knows its purpose and values and delivers on them daily.

UK Finance continues to be the beacon within their industry. The industry champion now has a befitting brand to take the UK’s banking and finance industry forwards to continued prosperity.