Alasdair Jackson

Production Manager

AJ has been at Born + Raised for six months, and has over a decade’s experience originally as a software developer and later as Head of Digital before joining us to take up post as Production Manager.

As well as keeping the plates spinning, he makes sure all our work gets scheduled and worked on. He also oversees our external resourcing and uses his experience to input into our Digital projects.

Happy juggling a myriad of simultaneous requests, AJ can often be found shuffling round the shop floor with his laptop attempting to solve that day’s Gordian Knot of scheduling.

To me, the production schedule is a giant puzzle that at any given moment can have several pieces missing. But if you look hard enough, a solution always presents itself. One that means quality work can be delivered on time and budget.

In the past, he’s worked on projects for MTV, Universal, the NHS, The National Bank of Kuwait and even with the illustrious Peppa Pig.

The offspring of a particle physicist and an artist gives him a fairly unique outlook on life. In other news, he’s also named after a mountain in the Isle of Skye (Sgùrr Alasdair)

AJ in two words? Shifts + Giggles