Claire Harper

Company Accountant

Claire Harper, Company Accountant at Born and Raised

Claire joined the Born + Raised team in September 2016 to be our first in-house accountant. She brings 20 years of accounting experience with her.

Day to day, Claire deals with all things numbers and money. She’s in charge of payroll, managing accounts and all things Sage.

I love working at such a fun, happy and creative company. Plus the office is fabulous, which makes coming to work at the beginning of the week a little bit easier.

Claire has a vast range of experience over her career. She’s worked in audit, insolvency, construction, tech and charity sectors as an accountant.

When she’s not looking after the kids or teaching them to drive (while clinging to her seat), you’ll most likely find Claire at the theatre, wandering around Chatsworth or rolling up her sleeves in the garden.

Claire’s two word combo is: Calculators + Cash