Joanne Ringrose

Finance + Operations Director

Joanne Ringrose, Finance and Operations Director at Born and Raised

Joanne has been at Born + Raised for just over four years and had seen the agency grow from a team of 11 in that time.

Joanne leads on managing the agency’s finances and on all aspects of operations including HR, facilities and systems, and process development. She also supports the agency founders in developing the agency strategically.

She aims to keep the car running so that the rest of the brilliant team can create away without worrying that the wheels will fall off!

Seeing the individual and collective potential of the team and helping to realise this is the best feeling. Ensuring we are profitable whilst we’re at it, so we can continue to develop is the icing on the cake!

Joanne has a finance and operational management background in the NHS, the University sector and a number of SMEs.

When not playing with figures, Joanne can often be found singing and acting (up!) on stage with a number of local Musical Theatre groups.

Joanne in brief? Bottom Line + Bottoms Up!