Sam Lightfinch


Sam Lightfinch, Copywriter at Born and Raised

Sam joined Born + Raised in November 2015, and has another year of copywriting know-how under his belt.

As well as working on most of our client accounts, he’s involved in our social media team and our #snuglife crew.

Happy working on everything from concepts and pitch work to day-to-day copy tasks, he’s able to turn his thinking to jobs quickly and creatively. Not limiting his role to writing, Sam can often be seen sat on designers’ desks lending his thinking to art direction.

For me, copywriting is all about the big idea. How can we solve this problem creatively? The words are the fallout that come afterwards.

In the past, he’s worked on accounts for British Gas, Vision Express, Center Parcs and more. He’s also interviewed his fair share of musicians in his time as a music journalist.

And he’s the only person in the team to have held a Guinness World Record.

Here’s his two-word combo: Words + Vegetables