Sarah Davis

Finance + Operations Assistant

Sarah’s been in the Finance and Operations team since November 2018 and this is her first role within an agency.

She helps with the agency’s financial recording, assisting the company accountant, as well as being involved in all aspects of operations such as: process development, health and safety and administration.

Born + Raised is such a fantastic place to spend the day with such lovely people around me. The agency’s modern ways of thinking juxtaposed against such a pretty, historical backdrop makes this such an interesting place to come to every morning.

Previously she has worked as an Office Manager for an Italian design staircase company, as an Insight Analyst intern for a National Governing Body of Sport during the Commonwealth Games and as a Research Assistant for The University of Sheffield working on a project looking at a media industry’s data practices.

Sarah is currently studying for an MA in History with the Open University. She loves all things vintage, has four cats and four pet lizards to keep her busy.

Sarah’s two word combo: Retro + Reptiles.