A photograph taken by Born and Raised of a middle aged man on a building site wearing hi-visibility clothing

Changing perceptions evolved into revolutionising the conversation

It takes guts to do things differently. To reset the agenda in your sector. While the rest of the safety equipment herd were banging on about price and product, Arco was looking to elevate the conversation.

Visuals of ARCO work by Born+Raised

Putting safety centre stage

Rather than being something you’re told to wear, and need to buy as cheaply as possible, our emotive campaign for Arco focused on the little things in life that workers would miss if they suffered an injury at work. We put Arco’s central mission in the spotlight: to protect lives and livelihoods and get people home safe at the end of the working day.

The result was a complete integrated campaign which changed the fundamental behaviours and perceptions of end users, positioning safety equipment as a positive enabler.

Arco App mock up
Arco image of press advert mockup in a magazine
Visuals of ARCO work by Born+Raised

Real people, real lives

Suddenly safety gear didn’t look like an annoying bit of kit you’re told to wear and need to source cheaply. Now it was about real lives and looking after real people. Safety equipment purchasers couldn’t ignore the campaign’s central message, while end users identified with the sentiment and had to acknowledge the value of wearing the right kit.

Now Arco has a fresh new voice that firmly positioned the brand as a worthy market leader with a higher purpose.

The ARCO Tea Tour - by Born + Raised
The ARCO Tea Tour - by Born + Raised

This campaign puts Arco at the forefront of this agenda, not only revitalizing the brand but changing category perceptions for safety in the workplace.

Lee Morton, Group Brand Manager

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