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Keeping it simple leads to a 47% increase in app users

In a noisy, colourful space populated by opera singers and meerkats, getting a new price comparison app in front of tech savvy 24-30 year olds is harder than taking skinny jeans off after a night on the drink. How do you reach these human ad blockers with their notorious intolerance of anything with the slightest whiff of inauthentic marketing?

Keeping it simple doesn’t mean you’re stupid

Rather than attempting to out-sing or out-meerkat the opposition we opted to keep things simple.

The key benefit of the app is its sheer slick simplicity. Where competitor apps are clunky, complex or non-existent, the MoneySuperMarket Go app makes switching your energy or finding a better car or home insurance effortless.

Not only does it remember your preferences and details but it gives you a timely nudge about key dates too. It’s nifty.

To help promote the app we created an umbrella video and a series of shorter videos for use on social media.

And just to keep things on track, we also developed a set of guidelines for MoneySuperMarket Go, including the visual identity and tone of voice, photographic approach and examples of the brand in action.

The result fitted perfectly with the character of the app. In a noisy, complex and fickle world, it doesn’t waste your time.

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MoneySuperMarket Go content on a number of pages
An image for MoneySuperMarket, showing the display ads on three mobiles


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    Increase in users who installed compared to previous creative executions

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    Reduction in the cost per install

Born + Raised’s eye catching creative performed very effectively, focusing on the time of year when people need to watch their pennies more than ever. The bold and to the point branding led to a reduction in the Cost Per Install whilst retaining the same percentage of users who then became monthly active users. The revenue from the cohort of users targeted by this creative was also significant.

Jordon Handley, Head of Customer Acquisition - Mobile