Helping employees recognise their worth

A motivational campaign that made 2,000 people across the globe feel like one team.

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SITA Global Services (SGS) asked us to develop a campaign that recognised the work of its disparate team and motivated them to deliver on the business objectives for customer service. And so, Be.Proud was born.

The campaign revolved around the SGS Customer Charter – a manifesto that laid out the four main areas of focus and commitment for customer service.

Charting new territory

We took each part of the charter and created corresponding digital micro campaigns that focused on communicating the finer details of the charter and the desired behaviour of employees. Each micro campaign ran over a two-month period. This regular interaction enabled us to educate the SGS team while maintaining engagement throughout the year.

The campaigns directed SGS staff to a purpose-built microsite and asked them to demonstrate their commitment to the charter by virtually signing it. Once an individual signed the charter they were geolocated and positioned onto a digital map. Colleagues could click on each individual to view the profiles of each team member to find out more about them and read about their achievements. This visual representation helped employees feel more connected to their distant team.

Individuals were then prompted to share their own personal stories relating to each of the charter’s focus areas. Sharing these experiences enabled their far-flung colleagues to see how other people were tackling issues that they too could be facing. Interactions of this kind were incentivised with small prizes such as lanyards and branded phone cases for the best stories shared each quarter.

Pride in results

Over 800 employees (and counting) have pledged their support to deliver the customer charter and, so far, over 350 stories have been shared. And more importantly, SGS is beginning to feel like one big team.

Phase two of Be.Proud is underway as we continue to develop the microsite to make it an informative everyday tool for SGS staff. The updated design will let staff vote and comment on peoples’ stories to deepen their connections with one another. The site will also house an operational dashboard where they can view key performance indicators to help them in their daily tasks.

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